Folks We Like

Sometimes you find people and almost instantly you know with absolute certainty that you will, without hesitation, punch them directly in the face. Other times, you find people and you like their YouTube channels.

Here are a few of the latter.


Effgee was absolutely obsessed with Drew’s Murdered: Soul Supect series for a while there. This guy has been doing LPs for a while and just gets better and better.


All around good guy GP can be seen popping up in a few WePlaydThis videos from time to time and also on Twitch.


The real guy, the best guy. He’s a big time YTer from The Yogscast. Also one of the most incompetent players of video games of all time. Prepare to rip your dick off.

Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth

These guys need no introduction and they’re also some of Wiz Diezil’s favourite LPers.

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