About WePlaydThis

Ho, traveller! Sit back and rest those barking dogs for a moment. Allow me to regale you with the legend of WePlaydThis.

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away… well, not really a galaxy. It was more of an overgrown small town called Perth, Australia. Anyway, two dudes – I’d say cool dudes but that would be lying and I’m not allowed to lie since “the incident”-

Where was I?

Oh yes, two dudes named Ephjizilla and Wiz Diezil (those are the names on their birth certificates) were drinking a lot and playing guitar on the porch when one said to the other “Hey, you know what’s a completely untapped area of entertainment that NO ONE else is doing at all?”. The other then responded, “No. I do not know! Please tell me, oh, please do!”. The first then said “YouTube Gameplay commentary”. And, thus, the WePlaydThis gaming channel was born.

A short while later they were joined by Barlow, GBX and Tarro Tarro for the occasional video. The presence of these other gamers made Wiz Diezil and Ephjizilla feel inadequate and unattractive. Being kind-hearted souls, they swallowed their pride. And more beer.  Ultimately, though, Ephjizilla and Wiz Diezil were corrupted by their insidious companions. Just like Hayden Christensen in that one good Star Wars prequel. Or like Liara’s mum in Mass Effect…

…something something about how Shepard saves the universe.

The End.

If you want to contact us try this e-mail: weplaydthis@gmail.com


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